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About MP3s and Players

MP3 is shorthand for Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), Audio Layer 3. Layer 3 is the level of audio compression used. What this means is that the total file size is smaller, allowing for more storage without sacrificing audio quality.MP3 Player

Tantor offers audiobooks in the MP3 format as digital downloads and as a physical product, an MP3-CD.

Both downloads and MP3-CDs are comprised of data files, while audio CDs contain audio files. Since they are data files, you need a special player to listen to MP3 files.

Portable MP3 devices (iPod, Zune, even cell phones) can be loaded with MP3 files, downloaded directly from or transferred from an MP3-CD to a computer, then moved to a portable device.

There are many new CD players that are listed as MP3-CD compatible. Also, many new cars have MP3-compatible audio systems. A new CD player that is MP3-compatible can play regular audio CDs; however many old CD players cannot play MP3-CDs. In addition, computer media players (Windows Media Player, iTunes) can play MP3s.

Our MP3-CDs can hold up to 12.5 hours of audio at 128 kbps, compared to a regular audio CD, which holds 74 minutes of audio. Also, if the primary use of the audiobook is to be played on an MP3 device, it is the most practical, as the longer tracks create less file "clutter" and MP3-CD audiobooks cost less, averaging only $20-$30. This all makes MP3 an excellent choice for audiobooks.
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How to purchase and download a Tantor Download

How to purchase and download a Tantor Download:Laptop
  1. Select “Add to Cart” next to Audio Download on the book title page.
  2. The download item will be added to your shopping cart.
  3. Continue shopping on
  4. When ready to complete transaction, click “checkout” and fill in payment information.
  5. Your download will be available in “My Bookshelf,” which is located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  6. Click the title of interest in “My Bookshelf” to begin downloading to your computer or device. Download help (a tab in “My Bookshelf”) has FAQ to assist you in this process.
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How to transfer Tantor audiobooks to most MP3 devices

These instructions are meant to serve as a general guideline. For further instructions consult your MP3 player instruction manual.

We will be using Microsoft's Windows Media Player 11 for our tutorial; this is the tutorial from Microsoft's Web site. If you are using a different media player, please view our links of popular media players at the bottom of the page for your media player and the corresponding tutorial. To download Windows Media Player 11, click here. To view this tutorial on Microsoft's Web site click here.

Rip Music from a CD to Windows Media Player:

Written Instructions: [view] How to Sync your MP3 device with Windows Media Player.

This is a video tutorial on how to Rip CD files onto your computer using Windows Media Player.

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How to transfer Tantor audiobooks to iPods

These instructions are meant to serve as a general guideline. For further instructions consult your iPod instruction manual.

Apple's iPod is one of the most popular portable media players out there. It offers a variety of ways to enjoy listening to your audiobooks. However, this can add some extra steps in getting the most out of your audiobook. Primarily, it requires the use of Apple's iTunes. Some other things to consider are if the iPod is set to "automatic" or "manual" update and if the audiobook is audio CD or MP3-CD format. Also, the iPod Shuffle, as a "shuffle" player, does not accommodate audiobooks well. A bonus for users who are ambitious is that iPods recognize special "audiobook" files that have the ability to bookmark, adjust playback speed, and more.

In order to listen to your audiobook, you must transfer it from the CD to your computer, then onto your iPod. Depending on the audiobook format and iPod settings, there are different ways to go about doing this. For this tutorial you will need to have iTunes installed. If you do not, you will need to download iTunes, which is a free media program provided by Apple, and install it. Only download and install software from official vendors to ensure the security of your computer and personal information.

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Audio CD to iPod

Using an audio CD audiobook with iPod on automatic update.
When a disc is inserted into a computer, iTunes will contact the Gracenote online database (requires an internet connection) and download "album" information, filling in track information, title, and author. Many of our new titles are in the database. However, if the audiobook has not yet been entered into the online database, you will have to rename all of the tracks in sequential order for the iPod to play the audiobook tracks in the proper order.
Written Instructions: [view] How to Sync your iPod device with iTunes.
This is the video tutorial provided by Apple. You may click here to view this tutorial on their Web site, or view it below.

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MP3-CD to iPod

Written Instructions: [view] How to Rip an MP3-CD and Sync it to your iPod.

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MP3s to iTunes Audiobooks

Written Instructions: [view] How to update your MP3 files to an iTunes Audiobook file.

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Sync your iPod

This is the video tutorial provided by Apple. You may click here to view this tutorial on their Web site, or view it below.

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Other MP3 Players

Windows Media Player Real Player Winamp
VLC Player Quick Time Media Jukebox

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